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I am having a new computer built shortly and I cannot decide which operating system to go for. I currently use Windows 98 and have been advised by several people to stick with it, as it is the most reliable. I am told that ME eats resources, XP is full of hackers' holes, and both are riddled with bugs! Also, my printer (which is almost new) only shows 98, 2000 & ME on the box, although I am told there would be drivers available to run it on XP.

My main reason for not wanting to continue with 98 (which I am happy with) is because my children and I want to use the interactive games available with ME & XP, although again I am told there is probably a way of doing that with 98.

Any opinions or suggestions?
Although I run RedHat Linux 8.0 on my laptop (primary comp) I have Windows 2000 Pro on my desktop computer (it's a pile 333PII MMX) But it actually runs very smoothly for the slow speed of the computer.

I wiped out XP of my laptop, I got so sick of it, IE was always crashing office xp kept on screwing up, and all of the general security issuses xp has..... it was just pi$$in me off.

Win2k is my opinion....unless you'd wanna go with Linux, but most people get scared away...
I currently use Win98 and Red hat 8.0 but my recommendation is Win2k or Linux...I do not use Win2k just because it does not support the games I play so I've to stick with Win98 only....
Yeah you can keep the dual boot way as MicroBell said...WinXp drags on my old junkie so I have to keep up with Win98 and Linux...if I want to play games on XP then go to my friends place and enjoy...
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