Which one? -dell laptops


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Okay...well, I made a thread the other day about "Vista" on a laptop my parents are buying me...anyways

I was looking in to getting a Dell inspiron laptop

But today, received two dell fliers in the mail...a business and home use flier.

I noticed that the Dell Vostro Laptops *For business use* are around the same price as the inspirons..

So, I am really new at the computers and uses, but is there a huge difference between the two?

Again, I use some computer games, not too many
I write in MS word
I use the internet heavilly
And I do DVD schooling...

So...would a vostro or inspiron work best?

My dad figures that the vostros are more "powerful" because they are for business use...either way.

Please tell me which is the better buy for my personal needs/