Which MP3-MP4 Player?

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I'm looking for an inexpensive MP3-MP4 player, that will allow me to upload my iTunes audio and video files, so I can listen to songs I've imported from my CDs, and audio teachings files from the Internet (as MP3 files) and watch videos (MP4).

I'm looking at this:

Archos 2 Vision 8GB MP3 Player at CircuitCity.com

But I need to make sure that whatever I get will be compatible with my audio and video files, and accept the iTunes files too.

Any suggestions? I'm planning on spending around $50-70, maybe a little more. I really don't need an FM radio or a recorder either.

Oh yes, my computer is a MacPro 2.93GHh, Snow Leopard 10.6.4. I will be transferring all of my audio and video files from my Mac to the MP3/4 player.


Here is another MP3 player I'm considering:

Ematic Em308 3″ Touch Screen 8GB MP3 Video Player : MP3 Player Reviews

I like the additional function of being able to read e-book and other TXT files. Is there an MP3 player that will also read PDF files? I save and read lots of PDF files, so that would be another very practical feature.

Does anyone have this mp3 player:

Archos 3cam Vision 8GB Portable Media Player-Video Camera

I've decided that I will buy a cheaper mp3 player for now, and wait until my tax return to buy a more expensive mp3 player, like the Archos 5.

For now, the Archos 3 seems like something I could live with for awhile. I'll be using the mp3 player mostly for educational purposes (listening to audio files, watching educational videos, and reading text files).

The more I learn about the Archos mp3 players, the better they are looking!

I might be able to get the Archos 5 Internet Tablet:


Does anyone have the Archos 5 Internet Tablet? How well does it work reading pdf and text files?

What about the possibilities for converting Apple Works files from my MacPro? Does it have conversion capability?

I called Archos tech support and they told me the only models they have that are compatible with Mac computers are three of their older models (they no longer sell or support):

1) Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet
2) Archos 605
3) Archos 7 Internet Media Tablet

I'm really disappointed that they have discontinued models that are compatible with Mac computers.

Can anyone recommend mp3 players that are compatible with the MacPro 2.93GHz, running Snow Leopard, 10.6.4?

Features I'm looking for in an mp3 player:
- compatible with Mac
- mp3, mp4, wav, flv, jpg, gif
- good resolution for reading articles (pdf, text, rtf)
- at least a 3" screen
- long battery life
- Internet/e-mail capable

I will using the mp3 player mostly for educational purposes: audio/video files, and reading articles (that I upload from my computer)

I'm willing to spend around $300-$350.


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Re: MP3/4 Player Compatible with MacPro?

Doesn't an iPod Touch do everything you need?

What do you mean by FLV support? Like, FLV video playback? If that's the case, I'm not sure if the iPod will do it.
Central California
Doesn't an iPod Touch do everything you need?

What do you mean by FLV support? Like, FLV video playback? If that's the case, I'm not sure if the iPod will do it.

I was reading up on the iPod, and it seems that you need a hack in order to read pdf files. I don't want to bother with that.

Also, I need a larger screen.

And I think that Apple's prices are so inflated ....

I like the Archos line of MP3 players/tablets. Very nice looking, lots of great features. And it will be cool to have something different ... So many people I know have one of flavors of iPod. I have an iPod mini-shuffle. My oldest son has two or three iPods, and several other MP3 players. He gave me one, but it won't work with my MacPro.

I've been looking at the Archos 43, which will do what I want, but then I found the Archos 70!

Looks like I just might get the Archos 70 Internet Tablet .... Anyone have this gadget yet? They are out in Europe, and should be available in the United States soon ...

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Re: Archos 70 Internet Tablet

Probably not.
Will be waiting for the BB Playbook :)
I'm hearing Android is having some problems porting to tablets? or just not running well?

The main issue with Android is tablets don't get market access (with the exception of the Galaxy Tab) since the OS is intended for phones. Gingerbread (the next version of Android) is supposed to have better support for tablets so it should take care of that problem.

That said if devs have managed to root the Archos 70 then it should be possible to add market access on your own.


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Stop creating multiple threads about the same subject. Be it an MP3 Player or a Tablet that plays MP3's or a device that will connect to your MacBook Pro that plays MP3's it is all the same thing and doesnt need to be in 3 different threads. You can ask all of those questions in 1 thread and get them all answered in 1 thread.
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