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now, what if I do plan to SLI in the future, should i get the first one linked?
Well, if you do plan on SLI'ing, then you'll need an Nvidia board. But if you're just going to stay with a single GPU setup (recommended) then a P35/X38 is the best choice as generally they are better overclockers than Nvidia chipsets.
And the 780i is just a 680i with PCI-E 2.0 and 3-way SLI support.
Plus there are now multi-GPU solutions available on a single card in the form of the 9800GX2 and the HD 3870X2.
Also, on the first one the standard memory is DDR2 800

and on the second one it says DDR2 1066. WTF is 1066?
Maximum memory speed the board can run with it's dividers. If you overclock and increase the FSB above standard spec then you can run higher speed RAM at it's rated speed.


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I would stick with the P35 chipsets unless you are positive you will be running sli. I have had nothing less than a nightmare with my 650i. As soon as save up some $$, its outta here.