Which laptop...?


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I'll be starting school soon and I am in need of a laptop. I have been looking at two different ones:

ASUS G Series G50VT-X6

ASUS N80 Series N80Vn-X5

When I went to look back at the N80, I found Newegg had discontinued the product so can somebody suggest a laptop that is similar to these criteria?

-Good sound card/quality
-Decent size screen that is easy to view even in direct sunlight
-Decent battery life
-Good video card for games
-Keyboard that has similar feel to desktop keyboard

I'm more of a desktop person and I'm kind of clueless about laptops so any opinions are appreciated.

I like the G50VT, but it seems to have a short battery life - an average of about 4 hours. Should I go with the G50 or can someone recommend a better laptop that fits those criteria?


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Well, you can't go wrong with either of the choices. I am looking for something in the same range as yourself. I personally like the HP products because they tend to run cooler than the competition. Enjoy!