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Hey peoples im looking to see which out of the gamecube,xbox or ps2 is the best to buy for christmas. Does anyone know that has played all 3 systems. Also i dont play those fighting killing games like halflife and stuff more like american cartoons like the simpsons and those games. Plllzz answer me back so i can start looking around :)
I don't like consols and I haven't played either, but there was a report about it in my magazin PC Media Plus.
Xbox - Just like a 166MHZ with G-force 2, and bad results too.
Ps2 - Great for gaming, Bad for the pocket :)
Gamecube - I suppose it's just like Xbox, just a box that isn't better then the old computer.
If you have money, If money is no object, I would go on Ps2, good quality, good games, just GOOD.
If money is a problem, I would go for the Xbox.
Cheers (b) m8 :)
also with ps2 you can play ps1 games. i'd go for a ps2 coz
1. nintendo will no doubt cut the suport+games after about 2 years, (just look at the n64).
2.bill gates already has enough money!, and he's a tw*t
I havnt played a gamecube, so im tied between the xbox and PS2. They are both very good.
I've played the Cube, but I'm still not a Nintendo fan. xBox and PS2 are both the same price around here, so that's not really a factor.

But since you can play PS games with the PS2, then that might be a logical choice.

We voted here, and we ended up with an xBox.

If money was no object, forget the consoles and stick with a PC. Well really, if money was no problem, then buy all 3 and play what you feel like. :D
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