Which is better Linux or Windows

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hi, im goin to linux soon yay :D first time i used it... i heard some rumours that its actually Better safer and faster than windows, plus i heard you dont need firewall and antivirus software and it never crashes! WOW how cool :cool: so which do you think is better ?


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Thats true about everything you said. Linux is just plain better.


Ask this in the Microsoft forum and the answer in Windows

Ask this in the Linux forum or a Mac forum and they will agree *nix Kernal is superior to the NT Kernal



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i use my linux machine for surfing the web and downloading. i like it because i've never had a problem with spyware or viruses.
i use my windows machine for loading my mp3 player and other things i don't find easy in linux.
i think both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The General

I use my Linux box for bittorrent, video editing, audio editing, gaming (ID Software and Epic release cool games for Linux. Doom series, Quake series, Wolfenstein series, all the Unreal Tournament series games. They all work great!) 3D modeling (K-3D) and surfing the web, listening to music and all the sorts. It has yet to hickup and give me a major problem that I couldn't fix (except that damned Xorg.conf :confused: )

I have to use Windows at work everyday for AutoCAD, and I must say that Windows gives me all sorts of problems all day long. Then I go home to my Macbook Pro and my Linux box and have no problems at all.

It really must show something about Windows. :p

I wouldn't really say I am biased, as I have to use Windows all day long at work Monday-Friday, but I would say that I am going to try hard not to have to ever use Windows Vista regularly. I installed the public beta and it is less-than-impressive. :confused:


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Put it this Way,

I DON'T use Anti-virus in Linux. works fine, My LINUX machine Boots faster than my Windows Machine. The Downside is you need to know what your doing, for the COMPLEATE noivice who is too lazy to know any better (ie try Linux) then windows is Perfect. Point & click how simple.

for the Computer enthuisent who Loves Getting their hands Dirt in the Software World Linux is a tech geeks dream come true

Take A read of this Link, Interesting stuff:

I hope this Clarifies my position



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NvidiaDude said:
i heard some rumours
Spelt the real way. :cool:
that its actually Better
Most people who actually know it would say so.
For the most part. Certainly out-of-the-box, but a system is as safe as its administrator knows to make it. For a home computer, for sure.
Usually seems to be.
you dont need firewall
As a home user, the one built in to the kernel should suffice.
antivirus software
Unless you want to protect your Windows-using friends from your accidently editing and sending onward a macro-infected Word document or something, you're system should be fine. If you happen to run a mail server, you might also want to provide scanning for users, but again, if you were I think you'd be asking somewhat different questions :p.
and it never crashes!
You can get any functional operating system to crash. Period. But it's less likely, and if any individual program crashes, you can reliably kill that without affecting anything else or requiring a reboot. No repeating "end now" windows that usually don't end anything "now".


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I say Linux. It's more difficult to set up, but once you get everything figured out and configured the way you want it, you'll never go back.
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