Which is best languages for website development ?


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It seems to me that there is no obvious answer to the topic "the best programming language" since everyone chooses it for himself. When you dive more deeply into the study of programming languages, it becomes more evident that people like what they are better at since this is how our psychology works. I have been looking for a magic answer to this question for a very long time until I decided to figure it out myself and choose the best option for myself. I have several years of experience in website development, and now I work with mysql visual studio plugin, as it is most convenient and comfortable for me here. So you decide for yourself what you like best


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I think there is a trend, HTML, CSS Javascript, and Php seem to be the go-to's for web applications. I do agree however that people should use what they feel most comfortable with as long as it's a language designed for that purpose. One thing I will add here is that web development frameworks and THEIR popularity play a big role in what people decide to learn.


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With regards to the front-end, an understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is required. This is important to understand regardless of whether or not you decide to use a framework. Popular Javascript frameworks include React, Vue and Angular. This means you have to write less code and can maintain the code more easily, as frameworks allow for re-usable components.

It would be worth looking into the Flux architecture e.g. Redux/Vuex. This provides a centralised store which is often more efficient and which also often results in amore maintainable code structure.

It’s worth looking into RESTful APIs to integrate the front-end with the back-end. Popular backend frameworks include Laravel (using PHP), Django(using Python) and Express with Node (using Javascript).

With regards to databases, in addition to SQL and NoSQL, it may be worth looking into ORM libraries. The ActiveRecord ORM is commonly used with Django and the Eloquent ORM is commonly used with Laravel.

Further point with the backend: It’s possible you may come across a codebase where data is passed to the backend using AJAX, with this data being processes by PHP with the use of GET and POST arrays. However, please note this is a legacy approach.
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