Which is best languages for website development ?

According to me python, java, javascript, Go, HTML,e are the best programming languages for development.
HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are going to be required for any front-end, content, and design work.

As for back-end (if needed)...kinda depends. I'm a .NET Developer, so I work with C# as a back-end language; others may work in Python, PHP, or even just stick with JavaScript and run a Node.js application.

If your website needs a database, then there's traditional SQL such as Microsoft SQL and MySQL (both are standard SQL syntax). There's also NoSQL databases storage such as MongoDB, ElasticSearch, etc.
It's the Holy Trinity for me - HTML, CSS and JavaScript

And also PHP that is used to quickly create dynamic web pages. A great choice for frontend and backend developers to add to their arsenal (but especially for the latter), it powers web giants like WordPress and Facebook.
The 'Udemy' bootcamp course that I am taking is bringing me through PHP in the future. I am currently working on style selectors in CSS, and I have already made my way through html. We're working.
Which is best languages for website development ?
  1. JavaScript. There is no question that JavaScript is the King of web development and probable the most famous language among internet builders.
  2. PHP
  3. Python
  4. HTML and CSS
Which is best languages for website development ?

When it comes to choosing the languages you'll use to create a websites, we usually talk about two things, the frontend and the backend.

The frontend is what the user sees on their browser (the interface). We create the look and feel usually by combining HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as others mentioned.

The backend is the behind-the-scenes logic, code that runs on the server. It's basically what happens when the user requests something from the website. We can write such functionality with a variety of languages. Some popular choices are: PHP, Java, Ruby, C# etc.

Finally, let's not forget about database software, such as MySQL, which may be required from the backend in order to store persistent data that is used from the website.
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