Which is a good DVD burner to get?

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I've just been looking at the:

• Sony DWU-10A

• Sony DRU-510A

• Pioneer DVR-A05

I know the Sony is for DVD-R (4x); DVD-RW (2x); DVD+R and DVD+RW (2.4x), but DVD+R's, but does that make it prone to burning costers instead of DVD's because of putting compatabily first rather than reliability?

Which one should I go for? Should I go for another model alltogether?

Thanks for everyones help.

Here's a list of DVD burners at ebuyer if you need it.
A buddy of mine at works has a Sony DRU-510A and he loves it. He uses DVD X Copy and said that he has yet to make a coster.
Thanks for the help Guy. I've just bought one!!

Would you know of any DVD media he recommends?

Also what's the best one to go for? DVD-R or DVD+R

Thanks again.
Hey, Guy

so did i

the driver and the software

did your friend have to do anything special to get both to work properly?
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