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OK thers plenty of guides out ther to tell me how to overclock. What I am looking for is what current CPU's (preferably AMD) would be good for overclocking? my budget is the 300-350 dollar range. I also am not looking to do extreme overclocking, but enough to get noticeable performance gains. Stability comes before speed. I will have either a cheap water cooling kit, or really good fan (is it possible for air cooling; how much better is water?)

I am looking for specific CPU suggestions. thanks.


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Most people said the amd opteron 165 Denmark was a good cpu that was dual core and could hit speeds of 2.6 making it exactly a fx-60. That was some time ago and it is known the longer a cpu is out the less high oc's you see. Thats what I was told atleast. Amd x2s are good. I would say dual core because they are good to have now so when amd does reverse hyperthreating or games utilize both cores youll be set!


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water cooling, even a cheap kit, works incredibly well. i can do pretty much anything to my x2 3800+ and the temp doesnt go over 28*C (my old stock air cooled AMD socket A sat at 49*C, and about 1*C for every .05 GHz increase).

the word on the street is that the opterons OC the best. the opty 165 is the lowest end dual core i believe. it fits in your buget.

basicly the jist is get an opty if u know what ur doing w/ OC'ing, get a X2 if u rnt doing anything 2 extreme.


alot of people like AMD's but personally I would go for the new Intel Core Duo. for 314.99 you can get the t2500 which is pretty good and uses little power and produces little heat
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