Which CPU do you recommend?

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I've decided I'm gonna build my own comp. I'll mostly use it for basic things, then maybe a little Warcraft 3 or Neverwinter Nights once in awhile. Maybe some video editting also. I was thinkin somewhere along the lines of Athlon XP 2000+ but...what do you guys say?
If you're only playing a few games, a 2000+ or 2100+ with a ti4200 or a Radeon 9500 will do just nicely. And if you're considering doing video editing, 512mb of ram is MINIMUM.
1800+ Tbred gives reasonable performance, at a low price, and goes out nicely when paired up with a powerful graphics card - plus it is very overclockable as well, if you decide to get into the habit of doing that.
good choice on going with a amd. I have a athlon xp 2000+ and it runs just fine. I know people with xp 1600+ and they can play any game they want
i agree with everyone else.. I think that AMD is the way to go.. It performs better than P4 and costs a lot less! But If your going to do video editing, ever thought of getting a mac? I'm not a mac fan, but I've heard, that's HEARD, that macs r the best for editing.
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