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In the next couple of weeks I plan on getting a console. And of course it is between: Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft.

Price doesn't really matter as I am looking for quality of games. I have done research online, but you can only read so many reviews. I want so actually feed back from those of you who have one or all of these and tell me what you think.

Console games I am looking to play are RPG. My favorite game(s) of all time are the Lunar series on Sega CD. But I am a big sports game fan too. (Tecmo Superbowl- mmmmmm, memories)

Thanks for the input.
If yor into RPG's, get a PS2. All the good RPG's come out for that.
I wouldnt get a Halo-box, i reccomend a PS2 machine,I wouldnt be suprised if Halo-box just died like the dreamcast did.
lol thats good stuff, but seriously, there are MANY games for xbox that are worth having, other than just HALO
Ã…nubis, you seem pretty much like the authority on the X-Box, can you give me some details about DVD playing, Onling gaming and a comparison of the X-Box vs Gamecube? And some differnces in the same games for both systems, ie. Madden or similar.

My wife wants a GC ( she is a mario freak :rollseyes: ) and I want an X-Box.

Hope, I'm not asking too much. :)
Make sure you check out the xBox forum. That might be a good place to put the discussion on the xBox (help that forum to grow, too).

BTW, Guy, if money is not a factor, why not buy both the xBox and PS2? You would have the best of both worlds!

Dave :D
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