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All Seeing Eye
well.. one main type is mp3 ofcourse. an other havey type is wav. a kinda new one is wma. and the newest is ogg, heard it is kinda good. I wander what do you use, and if you have been trying ogg.
thanks for answering ;)

for those who don't even know ogg vorbis format, I have done an other thread explaining about it. Click Here!
stickin' with mp3's for now, untill i have enough time to check out ogg....
just mp3's for now. Havent had time to check out ogg.
160kbps mp3 is the perfect balance between quality and file size, IMO. I haven't bothered with OGG simply because mp3 sounds fine and the file size is small enough that it just doesn't really matter.
mp3's all i use i dont really any other format unless i am trying to get loads on one disk, when i might use wma but thats it
I have been using OGG for a while now. I did a few monitoring tests using my Sony MDR 7509 headphones and found the "sweet spot" in ogg. currently the sweet spot is VBR 192/bitrates as this produces near cd quality.
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