Which AMD, and which Graphics Card?

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I'm stuck guys, really stuck!!

I need your opinions on what CPU i should get, the choices are;

AMD Athlon64 3500+ (939 - Venice)


AMD Athlon64 3800+ (939 - Venice)

Is it worth the extra cash? I am a gamer so i need the power, but I've never overclocked a processor before, so i don't think I'll really look into that.

Which one do you think i should get???

The second question is what graphics card. I'm leaning towards a 6600gt atm - I'm not looking to splash out too much because of the next gen cards coming out soon, and the 6800's and X850's will soon be cut in price due to the power of the new cards, particularly the X900's. I've found a X800 (vanilla flavour, not pro or XT) and was wondering how the two compare...I've found no benchmarks on the X800 128mb.

If i do choose the 3500, i'll have an extra £70(ish) to play for the graphics card, what should i go for then?

This is greatly appreciated guys, and girls (of course), thanks for taking the time to read this!

PS. I'm from the UK FYI - no newegg recommendations please ;) hehe


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I know it isn't a choice, and I hate it when people do it to me, but I think there is a 3700+ with a San Diego core isn't there? If there is, that is what you want. If you really only want us to choose between those two though, I'd go with the 3500+ and wait until prices drop and pick up a 6800GT.


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If u want to get a venice, go for the 3500. u wont notice any difference. However, it may be advantageous to get a 3700 San Diego.

DO NOT GET AN X800/X850 series card!! They lack PSM 3.0, a major component of future games. If u want to wait and shell out more cash, get an X900. If u dont want to spend that much, get either a 6600 GT or a 6800 GT (preferable)


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i say 3700+ San Diego and 6600GT. the gfx card can always be upgraded cheaply, while processors usually cost more.


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Get the 3500+ and definately the 6800 GT, which pwns every game in existance and is ready for future games. Don't get any ATI card unless you wait for the X900XT.

The current ATI cards lack shader model 3, which is the path game developers are using to develop DX9 games. Without it, no DX9 which means less performance and less image quality.
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