whice you use and which are must?

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All Seeing Eye
hey there, I'm just wondering.. which programs are you usally using and you think is need to be on most computers? (audio, graphic, programing, etc.)
I usually use WinRar (winzip is only for ziping, WinAce have many bugs, and I was tired of my windows commander), Sonique (I don't like WinAmp, this is much cooler), CloneCD and Nero (must I explain? well... CloneCD is the best with 1:1 copies, Nero for collections and miscellaneous - cause Easy Cd Creator is lacking), Norton SystemWorks (the best aniviruse-computerkeeping-program, right..?), ACDsee (just to regulary watch pictures, etc.), DAP (cause I was tired of GoZilla! and GetRight)..

that's all Comrades :D

try to specify on not-knowing-programs.. thanks.. :)
Your on the right track, 'cept for Norton, I hate the utilities package, that stuff has so many bugs, I only use NAV 2003. For Disk defragmenting I use Diskkeeper, best defrag utility out there, youd be amazed how much the built in windows one misses.
Everytime I reformat my HDD - the first things I must have: (not in any order)

1) Compression utilities such as WinZip/WinRAR/WinACE
2) WinISO and CD creation stuff
3) Norton Anti-Virus / Internet Security
4) All my progs that I had from the previous 'era' :D
5) Folding@Home
1) Winrar
2) CloneCD
3) Motherboard Monitor 5 (monitor system temp/fan speeds)
4) Adobe Photoshop/Premiere (photo/video editing)
5) Fruityloops (music creation software)
6) Irfanview (freeware image viewer)

Everything else (WMP, MSN Messenger, etc) comes with Windows XP, so that's about all I can't live without...

BTW - Norton is evil. Not just the program, either.. I honestly think Peter Norton is an evil person.
In 1988, Peter Norton declared in _Insight_ magazine that computer viruses were an "urban myth." "It's like the story of alligators in the sewers of New York," he said. "Everyone knows about them, but no one's ever seen them." Today Peter Norton is still ridiculed for that quote.

1. Winace for extracting mainly because I loaded it and it works.
2. Nero Burning
3. Paint Shop Pro 7 (graphics)
4. Frontpage (manage web sites)
5. Windows Media Player 8 (music files)
6. editPLus2 for php editing.
7. CA's Etrust Antivirus 6.0
8. MS Office XP (2002) w/ Outlook
9. Franklin Planner software (planning)
10. E-tools, and Ad&D software for DnD 3rd ed.
  1. Gaim
  2. XMMS
  3. Ximian Evolution
  4. gRip
  5. Galeon
  6. gZip
  7. The Gimp
  8. OpenOffice.org
  9. and a good old fasion terminal!

    Some people may think i'm speaking french! :D :p
They'd of had to re-solder the board, i've known the layout of a keyborad since i was like 10..hahahah.
Office XP Pro W/Publisher
Paint Shop Pro 7.02
Ulead Photo Impact 8
Power Quest Partition Magic 8
Power Quest Drive Image 2002
Ontrack System Suite 4
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