Where are my messages?!!

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Checked my email this morning and received 6 or 7 emails. However, before I could open any or even see the names of the senders there was a power cut.
When I rebooted my PC the messages were not in my In Box. They are not in any OE folder they appear to simply have disappeared. Anybody know if they are recoverable (where to look). I guess I will just have to wait until senders contact me asking why I have not replied.
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hmmm, and the account is still in outlook express? can you send yourself a test message? thats one of the strangest things I've heard in OE.

Check this, go to www.mail2web.com, and put in your e-mail address and password, see if the e-mails are there.
Done that. Not there. Strange eh? Before the power outage OE was OK and since power outage OE is OK. It is just those 6 or 7 messages that have disappeared from my PC.
I was watching the messages come in and OE had JUST completed receiving the messages. I could see the 6 or 7 unopened messages in my In Box but I didn't have time to see the senders when the power outage hit me. One minute either way and I would have been OK.
When I rebooted after power was restored my In Box was as it was prior to the power outage apart from the missing unopened messages.
Very weird, just one of those quirky windows things, what I would suggest, so this never happens again, is to enable the option for: Leave a copy of messages on server, in your account settings. Tell it to delete after 1 day, so that you dont fill your quota.
You could always call your ISP or email provider and see if they haven't been deleted off of the server yet, if not they could just forward them to you...
if you check webmail and they dont come in.... they are no longer on the server.
Some email clients have an option of Keeping messages on server for x days. If you don't check that your messge won't be left on the server under you username & password. But if the server has a /dump or /tmp or /trash directory or something of that nature that after emails are retreived they might go there "the garbage" for a couple of days, if you are quick enough or they leave messages in those directories long enought maybe you can get them....

I don't know really just trying to think logically:)
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