when i start winxp pro.....

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when i start my windows xp pro. when i log in two notepad ducuments come up and both say

A Zip,,,

got the same prob on an XP box too,,

at boot get the same two notepads,,,

thought it had something to do with the Desktop.ini??

what I did was move it out of the start up folder ,, but at the next logon,, voila!,,

there they were again,!

What Apps are you running,, NOT "CLASS" by chance??

this is only one machine that does it,,

p4 2g
40gb hdd
512 mb ddr
hp scan 4750
hp 8100 printer

any similarities yet, can give more on the apps

The "error" IS caused by desktop.ini. If deleting it out of the Startup folder doesn't help, perhaps one of the other programs that is starting up is creating the file every time. You might try disabling your startup programs one by one until you find the problem..
thanks for the confirmation PaRaDoX! :)

i appreciate the support,,

AZip,, lol,, reformat = recreate problem :) hahaha,, i like your humour lol

but,, the good thing about that is this,, when you reformat,,, (and dont run out of activations *heh heh* ) reboot each time you install an app until the prob shows up,, then you'll know,, long route but plausible,,

for me,, i will keep at the start up folder and follow the logic with PaRaDoX,,,

and just when i thought my PC was getting educated and all,,,


cheers,, :)

If you know about when this started and you have restore activated it has helped me a number of times to do a restore back to a earler time.LOL:cool:
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