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I'm totally clueless so bear with me.
Just got a Gateway computer. Now, I'm trying to install a CD-R that contains a "software" program. The drive read's other CD-R's with music. When I click on the CD-ROM icon in Win XP it sees that their is something there but I cant view any of the files. I tried the CD on my work computer (win 95) and it loads and I can see all the files. I have not loaded any other software, it's a brand spanking new computer. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions?
Well if an old comp's cd drive can read it then a new one most certainly should!

Make sure the lens is clean. Also does it read normal pressed (not burned) data CD's in the drive ok? If not then it might be a problem with the IDE interface, the cable, or something like that.
I have not tried normal pressed cd's, but i will now. I hope this works. I hopw it's not the cables.
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