What's wrong with my hard drive?


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Hey all,

Okay, so I'm on my system and I left it idle for a while. Nothing was really running aside from Facebook and a few other websites. Suddenly I go to it, the internet crashes. Then I realise the whole system has crashed..

After restarting or loading up my system now my computer doesn't load. It can get to the Windows loading logo (Vista x64) with the green bar going across for ages and ages and nothing happens. Whilst this is happening about every 2 seconds I'll hear the drive do a slight click, repeating itself and never stopping. I decided to reset the RTC RAM in CMOS on the m/b and load it up. It then gave me an option to check the disk for and I ran it through. It corrected a few errors, stalled for a while, and eventually a message came up saying 'an error has occurred'.

I then tried reformatting it but loading Windows on start-up.. I managed to get to the part to select the drives to install windows, but it didn't show up at all. However, the drive shows up in BIOS..

I tried on my bro's Macintosh.. it loaded up and we could see the drive again, with all the contents on it. Although when we tried viewing a particular file it took a while to load, the hard drive clicked a few times, and eventually displayed it.

So, is my drive totally buggered or is there any hope left for it?


Edit: So in a nut shell.. it seems to recognise it exists, with the files on it.. but doesn't recognise it when trying to install windows and when it's plugged in on Windows, it doesn't load Windows.. :/


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Sounds like it's not going to make it. If the computer can't find it to reload it then I'd say it's time for a new hard drive. Hook it back up to your bro's mac and try to get all your files off of it.

Maybe it will work as a secondary drive if you leave it installed and you can get your files that way.


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Your drive media has been crash and will just show it's detection in BIOS but will not be able to work.
So please change your drive re-install your whole system.