Whats the point of this??


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AMD has announced the Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition Processor, addressing the industry need for affordable, powerful and energy efficient desktop PCs that help consumers to quickly and easily create, enjoy and share their digital world.

The Athlon X2 7850 AM2+ processor clocks in at 2.8GHz, has 1MB of L2 cache, 2MB of L3 cache, and has a TPD of 95W. AMD claims the Athlon X2 7850 delivers as much as 55% greater value over competitive products.

AMD's new Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition CPU is available immediately and cost $69 when purchased in trays of 1000. Newegg currently has the processor available for $74.

AMDZone.com 7850 Overclock

Unfortunately we topped out at 3.3GHz which is exactly where we did with the 7750. This time, however, it was at a much lower voltage but any higher voltage caused it to crash. That said, we did have some motherboard issues so that might be the problem.

Ok wow. So Kuma 7750: $60 Kuma 7850: $75. $15 for 100mhz?

wtf amd??


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That's the price the 7750 came in at. I assume the 7750 will either be phased out, or have it's multiplier locked. Meaning you will be paying extra for the 7850 for the "Black Edition" label.