Whats the noobiest thing you have ever done...


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What is the noobiest/most stupid thing you have ever done with your computer, stuff that you look back at and go...omg I was stupid... :eek: and just laugh at yourself?

Mine was prob putting CPU, mobo and hard drive on carpet, and running my CPU without a fan, because it was too noisy lol...

Oh and ive put PCI, AGP cards in while the PC is running, and taken them out again, lmao!


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probally posting in this thread ! LOL Just Kidding... Hmm there have been several instances where i will hook up electronics and forget to plug them in and sit there and get mad and then realized that i had forgen to plug them in... i felt like a total n00b


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Naa, it dont suck :)

Its good you can pick up any 'noob' actions tho, i mean i bet Mr Gates himself has done some bad.. stupid things in hes life, wither it be building computers or err ..other stuff lol But we're human come on ;)
Just 'can look back on it and learn and most of all laugh!

My most noobish wouldnt be building a computer still have'nt as of yet(ha, wonder why!) but when doing hands on things, like opening up comp looking around, attempting ...well trying, etc. mine would be the time i took out my hard drive it was like i was handling a egg and with it in my hands i was like 'OMG what do i do now, ive only got one hand to hold it with then try and put another one in where it was', and talking of that the funny(sad) thing is i never could do it HAHA! :eek: PLus i couldnt get it to stay and the cords were a rightful pain in the butt :mad: ! gah..
So there we go i cant deal with that just yet, i think im too careful, like overboard.. im like that with some things lol.....Im hopeless :rolleyes:
I need to work more on my confidence tho...

*Wins biggest noob award already*


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lol, probably installing my new heatsink, i almost seated it with the protective cardboard/paper still attached to the bottom. Haha o man that would have been brutal if i didnt see it in time.


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Mine was, when I was working with my 486, I was looking at a flyer and I saw Windows XP with a stick of DDR266 RAM. I was like: OK, now I will buy this thing and Iwill put it in my computer will run Windows XP. Amemory stick running Windows XP...Ok...

Another one was: Sound card works better than speakers...yeah, my butt

Another one would be: When Windows 3.1 said: Error charging Display.drv, I said, I must have scratched the big thing. I threw it out. My IBM machine was gone.

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... when i dropped my monitor down the stairs trying to get it in my room...


When I was helping a friend build a computer and it would install windows twice and then wouldn't work anymore...luckily I figured out it was a faulty CD-ROM.


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Many Many things, so many times I have had to reformat because I was playing around with settings, deleting all my music collection 22gigs worth, and other silly stuff like that..

I learn from the mistakes though so its all good......