Whats the best liquid cooled gaming machine?

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Ive been looking for a gaming pc for a while now and im stuck as to which to go for, i have a 5 grand budget.

I would like your opiniuns on the models i have listed below.

Alienware -Aurora ALX QUAD SLI

Voodoo- Omen

Scan -3XS AMD Chameleon


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Eww a prebuilt for gaming??


The only 1 I know between those is the A.W. and its sooooo overpriced you can get the same for cheaper by 10 times!!

go custom dude..... and also you'd like to wait for the conroe IMO.


sorry for the very NOT in-depth reply but im on a rush just trying to help as many as possible ATM


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Like most people on this forum, I wouldn't personally go for a prebuilt, seeing as it can nearly be double what you can get it for in parts and build it. Or unless you have too much money, in that case, send some over this way. Building a computer isn't that hard, and if you're just buying those prebuilts for the Quad SLi, I hope you're playing FEAR at 1600x1200 or whatever it is, because that's the only way Quad SLi is going to benefit you. And if you're just buying them for the W/Cing, I don't have any exeperience in it, but I heard it isn't that much harder either, unless you're a complete moron.

In short, just build it, save some cash, and buy your lady something nice.


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if u dont wanna build your own, but still want high quality parts, u can try cyberpowerpc.com or monarchcomputer.com. they use NAME BRAND parts and construct it for you for like 50 extra bucks. the tech support could be better, but they'll get the job done

places like dell/alienware/gateway, etc. will scr3w u the first chance they git w/ a generic HD/mobo/psu/ram etc. and then charge u double! alot of them lock the bios so u cant overclock either!

i wouldnt rec the liquid cooling from anywhere that u bought ur computer from, though, ur better off getting the stock cooling and moding it yourself. i got my from cyberpower.. it works great and i have really low temps, but i cant mod it to cool my hd's, gpu, ram, etc.
try www.dangerden.com for some of the best liquid cooling products (u wont find these parts at alienware, or cyberpower)
i was almost tempted to pass over this because.....well i'm not sure if i have the time to give the guidance you require. i noticed your other post asking about alienware. allow me to some up pre-built pc's in one word: CRAP. it would be rather foolish to spend $5000 in any currency on any of these machines. the way i see it you have a few options.

1) waste your money on one of these overpriced and poorly configured systems
2) stick around the forums, learn a few things and build your own from a parts list you make when you know some more
3) ask for help with a parts list and build your own from reccomended parts
4) ask for help with a parts list and then pay a local dealer/online retailer to custom build for you.

it would be a SERIOUSLY bad choice to buy one of these pre-builds, there are so many things wrong with them on so many levels i can't even be bothered posting them


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Cyberpower is no good. Half of their PC's come badly built. They may be almost as cheap as building, but you're taking a serious risk. Customer service? Almost non-existent. Just look them up on www.resellerratings.com and see what you get. Speaking of resellerratings, the Dell page is a laff. :D


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i had a decent experience w/ cyberpower. u have to know something about computers if ur going to use cyberpower. for example, i got a raid 0 config and no 3.5 floppy (needed one to install the controlers). i got a floppy out of my old machine, pluged it in, changed the bios and was off and running. this took me a few trys to figure out what was going on, but whatever. if i had no idea how computers worked, i would have been screwed, but i just worked thru it. most of the ppl reviewing that site were probably disappointed cuz no1 was ther to wipe for them.
the wire management and parts were all quality.
i've applied my own thermal paste on everything, installed fan silencers, new fans, extra HD...
they get u started, which is what i like about the company. the customer service is mediocre, but what do u expect? u paid them like 20 bucks to put your rig together.
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