Whats in YOUR pockets right now?

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What do I got in me pocket now?

Pocket Knife
Wallet, including $80
Viewsonic Pocket PC V35

Whoops, Just took the pocket PC out. Its got wireless so I am checking my email on it now, I know, I am kinda weird.
An interesting off topic idea :)

HP Jornada 565, wallet, and key. Not too much, none too interesting either.
Since i am at school right now till 8pm i only have my cell phone, my wallet, and my school id. I also normally carry around a pocket knife when i am not at school.
Since I have no pockets on right now, (just got out of the shower and haven't gotten redressed) my pockets contain.......

No money
No knife &
No keys
1 Benchmade Auto Knife
1 Tommy Hilfiger Money Clip containg ~$30.00
.38 cents in change
1 Rubber Band
1 Wallet (DL, SS card, other misc cards)
Blue Pocket Lint (why is it always blue?)
i probably have more value in lint than i do money in my wallet.

Wow gotta love technical support...pays gr8...
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