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Made a big purchase two weeks ago. Bought myself an iPad Pro 11" M1 128 gb device. Bought an apple pen and other additional accessories. I wanted to enroll in a digital arts class during the summer and also was looking for a second monitor for my laptop. Found out that the iPad had a neat feature called "Sidecar" which is why it basically hits everything I was trying to look for. I've only had it for a week and haven't really explored it fully, but I have no regrets about the purchase! On a more weird or side note, I just bought my first NFT (worth $77) from this new game that I've been playing fairly recently. I love MMORPGs and this is looking like a pretty solid crypto-earning game. One huge purchase and one minor one. Eitherway, my wallet needs time to recover lol. Screenshot 2022-05-13 at 08.50.14.png


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Virginia Beach, VA
Having been stationed in Japan for 3 years, I can safely say you can have all of it. Some very beautiful places once your outside the cities, but other than that, I won't ever go back. I will also cavate this by also saying that the people over there have dealt with the military all they're lives so they are much less tolerant to us than to civilians.

Also bought all the things I need to make some DIY rain barrels for all the wife's houseplants and gardens. Super simple and pretty cheap.
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