What ya gonna do with your stimulus check?

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I have been thinking about updating my card to the rx570. Have to wait and see if i can get it cheaper than Amazon...

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Celery, witch model of rx570 did you get seems a lot of MSI cards on ebay for sale. I am hoping this will work with my board and processor.

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It does. Thinking about the MSI but found a asus model too. Also i am seeing a 8g and 4g models. Witch one do i want the 8g??


So I checked the IRS site yesterday and it said they would deposit our stimulus check this coming Thursday (4/30). However, I checked my bank account this morning and the money has been deposited into our savings account already!

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I want mine to get a new ssd and a gpu for this computer. And then i am working on a duel core athlon 64X2 6000+ cpu with a older board and 8 gigs of ram for my nephew. I put a 2 core in the old msi board i got from Celery and its just too slow for him. I have a gpu, (the one i am using right now) 8 gigs of i think its 800mhz, and newer motherboard. That should speed up his computer for now. He don't do much gaming but watches you-tube alot and facebook too. Anyway he gets a good computer, and so do i.Future new board and Cpu ram. thats later on. I am happy with what i have right now. Everything i have done to it makes it more useful and fast. I know its 8-10 year old stuff, but i have lots of fun with it. Best one i have made yet!! Later,Wd
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What I bought with my stim check so far:

Walther 1911 Government 22lr pistol
Scope for my Rossi RS22 carbine
2x Winchester 333 round packs of 22lr copper HPs
BugAsalt pump action fly shooter (my old one finally broke, a must have)
500 round pack 9mm FMJ
Mossberg 25 round magazine for Rossi RS22 carbine
Leather holster for my Beretta PX4 9mm
Set of 3 loofahs for when no TP is available (think about that folks)
Kershaw Launch 8 auto knife ($20 off and CPM154 steel blade oh yeah)
$150 at Walmart for food and clothes

How's that for spending money? :D