What would you buy to boost performance?

Billy Boob

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I'm fairly new to the technical things about computers and was wondering what else i should buy to make my computer faster. Should i buy more RAM, new hardrive, or a new Soundcard( have onboard sound and heard that it sucks and takes cycles away from your CpU)...

Mes Sys-tim

MSI k8t Neo-=-MS-6702 (onboard AC'97, LAN, usb 2.0, RAID controller)
AMD64 3200@ stock!
2x256 dual channel Kingston pc3200 @ 400mhz! (have one more open dimm, im thinking another 512 stick to make 1 gig?)
Maxtor 80g 7200rpm Ultra IDE 133 (should i buy a SATA drive, but then i can't run in RAID right?)
GeForce 4 mx440- haha i know it sucks.
Phillips 50x or something like that.
Phillips cd-rw LTN03
TechnoPro case w/ shiny lights and 80mm fanx6- 2 in front of hard drive, 1 in rear, 1 in window, 1 on top(put there by use of drilling), PCI slot fan.
I can't see how you could make it faster; the Sound taking cycles away from your Processor will only happen if you play sound an awful lot in which case you won't be doing anything else of significance so it doesn't really matter. It would probably make better sound though.

More RAM wouldn't make it noticably faster but it would probably give it better performance.


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a new video card will make your games go MUCH FASTER. I recommend the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, which can be found for $220. This gives you awesome performance for a reasonable amount of money. I would do this before upgrading your ram, but step 2 is definitely the ram.

Gary Graefen

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You have a pretty powerful computer-Ram would only be needed for heavy and very fast gaming. Or many multiple windows. Your sound system with an amd will be fine-3d now boosts alot and with the built in mods for xp I doubt a card would improve it much. For 3d gaming a high end card is good.