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I am thinking of installing Mandrake again, but the first time, I couldn't get my internet to work. So, I am wondering if I do install it again, what will I need to for my internet to work and how can I find out all of that info.
It depends on what your internet is.

If you are using dial-up, you will need a "Hardware" modem. Basically anything not termed a "WinModem."
I would suggest an external US Robotics modem. All externals are hardware based.

If you are on broadband, you will most likely need to have your modem going through ethernet, and not USB, as USB drivers for linux are sorely lacking.

Most ethernet cards are supported in mandrake 9.0 now with no additional software.

Lastly, if you are using DSL, which requires PPPoE, you will need to make sure that PPPoE software that *works* with your provider, is available for linux.

Hope this helps.
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If i were you you should search www.linux-mandrake.com www.google.com or www.sourceforge.net and make sure that before you install the whole os, your hardware will be able to support it.

Hardware being
*Video Card
*Sound Card
*And any external usb devices that you may use..

Ecniv's all right, the latest versions of Linux come with more and more drivers all of the time...

(There's also people actually trying to get "WinModems" working under the Linux OS. So this will be cool to see if this is actually acomplished!)
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