What Web Browser Is Right For You?

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I took a little time to write this article about web browsers.

Computers are mostly used for - yes, you guessed it - internet browsing. We use the internet with stuff called "Browsers". There are many browsers that you can use to browse the internet; Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, and the list goes on and on. But which one is for you? In this post, I'll tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each browser, and for who it is recommended.

Internet Explorer

This is the most popular browser, but probably just because it comes pre-installed with every Microsoft computer. Its speeds are sluggish; it has no support for any cool coding; it is basically a coder's nightmare because of its limited support for CSS3 and HTML5.

Who is it for? If you like slow internet, this browser is definitely for you! :D

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is a very popular browser because of its add-ons and themes. It offers a unique web experience and can be personalized to your liking. It is a bit slow to start, but it is worth it. It also has the latest web features like CSS3 that make you get the best out of the web.

Who is it for? People who wish to customize their web experience will love this browser.

Safari's speed and how it displays websites are the key features to this browser. It might not have much customization, but is very simple.

Who is it for? For people who came for what they wanted: internet.

Google Chrome

In my opinion, this is the best browser, for its gorgeous simplicity and lightning speed. That isn't very surprising, though; Google is all about simplicity and speed. Google chrome also offers themes, although they aren't as advanced as Firefox. Another thing Chrome has that Firefox has is add-ons, but it is lacking some great add-ons that Firefox has. Me, being an old Firefox user, the bad thing about switching browsers was leaving the good add-ons. Also, the start up speed is wicked fast.

Who is it for? Anyone who wishes to have a fast, simple browser; anyone who just wants to browse the internet. (Not for someone who wants a customizable browser, though.)

Has this guide helped you pick the right browser? What browser are you currently using, and why?

Note: There are more browsers, these are just some of the best!
I'm far from a fanboy of IE but IE8 isn't nearly as bad as you make it sound. Also IE9 will have full support for HTML5 and CSS3 and even looks like it may even be faster than Chrome.
Here's something fun to chew on... I ran several tests on browsers, unfortunately I don't have the IE9 beta yet, *willingly admits disliking IE*, but there are some stats that might surprise everyone. I tested Firefox, Comodo Dragon, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and IE8
SUNSPIDER (ran 5 tests and averaged their scores)
Firefox-737.8ms +/- 1.34
Dragon-396.88ms +/- 1.78
Chrome-329.28 +/- 2.58
Opera-296.96 +/- 1.52
Safari-420.32 +/- 2.88
IE8-4277.64 +/- 1.26

Firefox 94/100
IE Failed
All others 100/100

All Passed with perfect scores except IE8
IE8 From the 43 selectors 22 have passed, 1 are buggy and 20 are unsupported (Passed 349 out of 578 tests)

Firefox- 101
Dragon- 111
Chrome- 118
Opera- 102
Safari- 70
IE8- 19
how do you know that those tests were not written by IE haters as well?

i havent notticed any major differences between loading webpages from my PC.

i do belive that people choose firefox simply to protest microsoft because they are haters(someone told me microsoft sucks so i think microsoft sucks...) while still running microsoft OS...
i especially love when people ***** about microsoft refusing to put bunch of other third party software into their OS.

why should they?
windows is made by MICROSOFT why the faq would they add bunch of unrelated software that they didnt make?
its like me coming up to them and asking to include my name in their start menu because i think im very important and should be mentioned in THEIR operating system.
Multiprocess browsers FTW!!!!

I don't care about acid tests, or any of that schitch. I just want stability and no crashes that make me break glasses and my nerves.

and IE8 has done so friggin awesome with that. I used FF before and alot of blogspot pages I would go to would crash the whole browser like 4 times a day. I heard IE8 had multiprocess and fell in love instantly.

I can relax on the web now.

I do give credit to chrome, however I am boycotting (or at least trying to not use google as much as I can) the google.

and safari makes me lol in a fail kinda way. or it is fail in a lol kinda way. omg. ;)

features and crash proofness are the most important to me, and being able to block flash ads and being able to work well on a server os.

i really hope mak does not see this thread as well.
Numbers up for Seamonkey
2500.4ms +/- 0.6%
From the 43 selectors 41 have passed, 0 are buggy and 2 are unsupported (Passed 576 out of 578 tests)
I use Firefox due to it's customization factors as well as the wealth of extensions. Mak knows what I am talking about when I say I use a very customized version of Firefox. If I could do the same with any other browser I would give it a fair spin but as of right now none can do it.
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