What was the best invention ever?

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After years of using it, I don't think I could live without the internet.
(and no, not only because of the plethora of FREE PORN... though it helps ;) )

The information availible and the time it saves, is increadible. I use the internet as a tool in my day-to-day activities (and again, not only to download the free porn... lol) but in everything from homework to shopping to keeping intouch with family far away. And of course, most importantly, to post, here, on Tech-Forums.
I think the woman was the nest ever invention...imagine where we would all be w/ out the woman...im blessed to have my Cait!

gotta love those woman...
I was gonna say woman... but if I called my wife an "invention" she'd make me sleep on the couch.... alone... in the dark....
The invention of the transistor comes to mind as it's certainly revolutionized the way we live. But of course, everyone knows the greatest invention ever was sliced bread ;)
I would have to say the car is the best invention ever. I'd go crazy without mine. I think I love my car almost more than anything.....almost that is. My car is my freedom.
Imagine without the car having to walk everywhere, and it would take forever to get there. I'm sure glad they invented the car. :)
the best invention is coke.. without it i wouldnt be able to stay awake for more than 53 hours.
twistedlight said:
alcohol hands down. We'd have a lot of bored stupid people if it weren't for alcohol. You don't want that.

I definitely agree with twistedlight......Maybe I need to change my answer. :D
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