what type of music do you guys like?

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Im just curious to what you guys listen to, I mainly listen to metal, bands such as :
Lamb of God
Iron Maiden
Drowning Pool
System of A Down
Rise Against
Avenged Sevenfold
As I lay dying

Rap.... repulses me.

I enjoy most ages of rock, anywhere from Pink Floyd, to AudioSlave, to AC/DC (My fav), to MeatLoaf.

Just to name a few.

Rap sounds likes talking garbage to me...
beedubaya said:
P.S. I HATE rock, dispite that I am white. I listen to rap and techno.

hmm.. are u implying white guys typically *don't* listen to techno??.. ;)..

Well, I guess it's more of the staple of oriental guys!..
I agree 100% on the rap garbage, i also hate pop, techno, or anything related, btw, ac/dc, pink floyd are some of my faves also
that's because rock is typically for men, because most everyone likes it, rap is usually for people who like those fancy rythims and crap. Personaly, im the opposite of you, metal, rock, all that i love listening to. I hate rap, techno, pop, r&b to the full extent of hate.
beedubaya said:
I was implying that pretty much all white guys dig hard rock, but I CAN'T STAND IT!

If you can resist the magic of "Everything Louder Then Everything Else," or "Highway to Hell," I dont want to meat you. Even the cracker rap kids I know love these rocks classics.
I hate hard rock and heavy metal also.. I usually listen to Hip Hop.. Sometimes reggae and pop. Even more rarely soca and rap..
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