What tools go together?

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I've decided to buy the CloneCD SW but I do want to get the Cloney and/or the Detect sw as well.

The problem is that I get confused when trying to relate these tools to each other regarding versions and what supports what?

The question might be:
Are these tools suitable to work together or should I just forget them?

Thx in advance
CloneCD does recommend you use the programs to help detect protection schemes and help set up appropriate recording commands.

Try here and here for some information.
I find that ClonyXXL is the best protection detector for Clone Cd but as it was originally in German some of the translations are a bit weird. The important bits are easily understood though.
I've tried them

I put this question up as I've tried the tools and the Cloony tool somehow did revert back to an older version of CloneCD.
I did use the latest released tools but they still did mock up my computer. I did expect some kind of release problems and hence did expect to be forced to try one or two versions back but it did kick me several versions of and it did not give me the chance to do anything about it.
It just did install the older release of CloneCD and kicked out my new.:mad:
The problem is that I really do like the thought behind the combination of these tools and just don't know if they are worth it.
I use WinOnCD, Easy CD Creator and a real old tool I've forgotten the name of, which I've got with my old, slow and reliable Mitsumi burner. Hardly used anymore but..
So what do you say. Shall I by it and give it one more try or go for Fireburner instead?
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