What to do with your old computer parts!


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Donate your old computer parts and computers to a good cause
Have an old computer system or parts lying around? Want to
donate them to a good cause? We are a group of college students formed
together to build computer systems for the less fortunate. We would
appreciate anything and everything. Instead of just throwing old
computer items away or leaving them to sit forever, give them to a good cause
and feel good about yourself. Also even if you do not donate please
let anyone and everyone about us. Word of mouth is especially important.
We are located 20 minutes North of Los Angeles, we also have college
students helping along in San Diego. Please help by donating or
spreading the word about our cause. Please email back with any questions or comments. Thanks.

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In Runtime
I take old computers overclock them and max them out and when they break i smash the living crap out of them? with what do i kill them with? I take a hammer and my friend gets a crow bar we hit them 300 times and throw them off my back deck which is about 20 feet high! Then i throw them away. If i dont trash them i sell them on ebay for parts no i dont sell the broken parts