What to do with a 9 year old Android tablet?


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Saudi Arabia
Well, hello!

So, I have a 2011 Motorola Xoom (MZ601, if interested). As you know Android tablets, among others, suck when it comes to life span due to the nature of their OS and hardware.

Now, what do you suggest to do with it? I'm using it as a clock :D

Any app I try says it is not compatible with this old version of Android, including Youtube app. I found a browser that can play Youtube but not with perfect support. I also found a Sega Genesis emulator that works with it and when I plugged my USB controller it actually worked!

Android in it is too old and refuses to update. Couldn't even find custom made OS's to force it in.

Any suggestions? It's too big for an alarm even if tho it is big enough for a wall mounted clock.