what the...?!?!...soaring temps!!!

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OK i just tried out this app Speedfan to check out my system temp and it came up with alarming results:


I checked my temp in bios and it showed 40C, i suppose that's a decent temp for the comp to be at and when feeling the side of my hd, it's rather warm but not hot.
This app must be buggy, what would you guys recommend using to check the cpu temp? thx in advance
Motherboard monitor 5 is another one.

(I can't see the pic, so I can't comment on your temperature.)
lol sorry, i accidentally deleted the pic off my photobucket account. Should be appearing correctly now :D
Tried MBM, it shows my temp as -1C :amazed: and Intel Active Monitor won't install on my comp.
Use Everest, as I think it is a bit more accurat than MBM5. Those temps are wrong (very common with speed fan 5)
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