What the best Internet Security?


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i WAS just wondering what Everyone Has? What do you think is the best and why? I have had Kaspersky, Norton, McAfee. I did not like McAfee and Kaspersky they seemed to make the wrong decisions and Blocked things and I had a lot of errors. Give me some Input


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I have Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2009.
Now I can't say it's the best the only other thing I have used was Norton which wasn't so good.
I like it because you can monitor others on your network, make sure no one is connecting without your permission etc.
You can scan other people's computers for them if they forget etc.
So far I haven't got any viruses with the two years I've been using it.
That makes it worth the $70 for me.


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You might also want to try and avoid using Internet Explorer and Outlook whenever possible as these are two of the biggest targets for evil doers.


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I use iptables and chkrootkit once a month. Hasn't cost a penny and hasn't let me down once ;)

On the windows side though, I've just used Spybot - does what I need it to and never let me down yet. That said, if you just use common sense whilst browsing on windows machines you'll avoid 95% of potential pitfalls..!


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Anything made by ESet is a great choice. Their AV works wonders and I'm going to assume their internet suite is the same.


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The best security is......being smart about browsing. I don't run any anti-virus or firewall and I don't typically run into any trouble.


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Anything made by ESet is a great choice. Their AV works wonders and I'm going to assume their internet suite is the same.
I agree. I have been using Eset Smart Sercurity for over a year now and its by far the best internet security suite I've used. Its the best at keeping your system clean and uses alot less resources than all the other security suites.


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I use AVG Antivirus, Spybot: Search & Destroy, and Zonealarm Personal Firewall. All free products. Haven't let me down once.


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Well since you have already had Kaspersky and didn't like it I won't defend it other than just saying that I love it. I also use MalwareBytes anti-malware program which is pretty good, check those out. But those are the two for me :)


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For me id say anything but Norton and McCafee are good bets.

Personally i only ever use 2 different configurations.

1) For windows Vista - Eset Nod32 | Windows Defender | Ad Aware
2) For Windows XP - Symantec Coorporate editiong | Windows Defender | Ad Aware.

Never let me down yet.