what ram do i have?

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so i paid some Artard to build my computer, and i want more ram, but i dont know what kind he used... probably 1300... ripped me off so bad!

anyway, how can i find out what kind he used?

so i have DDR3 2200 Ram?
your RAM is running at 1466 MHz
but if you switch to SPD tab, you will be able to see the part number
and look up that part number to see what RAM you have
WHAT!? the Artard that built my computer said he gave me 8gigs!

and why is my ram under clocked?

Does your PC have (2) or (4) memory modules installed? The cpu-z screen says you have 4096MB total, which equals 4GB and it says each module is 2048MB or 2GB. So I'm guessing you have 4GB (2x2GB).

Your memory runs at a ratio of the cpu's bus speed. Your setting is 3:10, so for every 3 cpu MHz's your memory is increased by 10. Is your system overclocked? I'm thinking it running around 3.74GHz or 220x17. 220/3=73.33, 73.33x10=733.3 which is your memory speed shown in CPU-Z. Because your DDR3 is a double data rate (DDR) we multiple 733.3 x 2 =1466.6 or the actual speed. So depending on the ratio chosen and the cpu bus speed your memory may run slightly underclocked, overclocked or at the rated settings.
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