What PSU?

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Just get an Enermax 465p-ve.. it's 431W (more than enough for practically any setup), and generally fairly resonably priced. I'm using a 365p-ve (350w) in my AthlonXP 1600+ with plenty o' devices, and it works great, but you might wanna go with the bigger one just to be safe.
A quality 350W PSU is better than a cheapo 430W, which would die out after prolonged usage.

Seeing as you have multiple drives, I generally don't look anything less than 400W for that matter - and I stick with quality brands such as Antec and Enermax.
WOOT! Enermax ROCKS, but be sure to get one with an Intake and an Exaust fan.
In your list you haven't got any fans, they take up power and if you plan to overclock you need at least 2 good fans.
Well I'll post my setup for referrence and maybe it will give you an idea. I have a 300w PSU............yes this may seem small, but when you live in CA, and in a house with 3 other comps, the power bill can go through the roof if you have all 4 machines running 8-10 hours a day. Here's my setup, everything runs fine:

P4 1.5ghz @ 1.61 (107 x 15)
768mb PC-133 RAM
1 60gb Samsung HD
1 120gb Maxtor HD
Nvidia TNT2 (120/125) @ 150/155
3 80mm case fans
1 40mm fan for the TNT2
Intel Stock CPU fan
12" Cold Cathode

All of this H/W runs fine........the CPU voltage is 1.68v, I have a fanbus, but it is only on/off. Yes 350w+ PSU's are nice, but you dont always need em.
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