What motherboard?


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I been getting help from some of the guys on the board, as to building a gaming PC. I just bought this case the other day...http://www.amazon.com/Antec-Nine-Hundred-Steel-Computer/dp/B000I5JHB0/ref=pd_sim_e_5_img/103-8953618-3099025

Now my question is what is the best motherboard for this case. I been trying to do some research about it because at the top of the case there is 2 usb ports at the top and also a mic jack. What could i get to make all of these work, if not just what is a good motherboard to buy? Thanks!


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well you will have to tell us what processor type u have ?

what RAM u have what RAM speed it is

what hardrive u have ?

its best if u jus list the complete spec of your computer ?

are u upgrading an old 1 of building a new 1 ?

what kinda budget are u on ?

uk or usa ?

once u answer all these Q?'s u will get a decent answer

jus completely going out on a limb if you got a Core2duo or gonna buy 1 then Asus P5B is a good board......

but that depends on all of above answers
I'd recommend the Evga 680I board. All the bells and whistles plus comes with a lifetime gaurantee on overclocking. Meaning if you fry your board overclocking send it back and a get a new one free of charge :)

I also love the digital bios lcd for error codes. No more listening for beeps if something happens it will show you the error code on the lcd. Support for quad cores and 3 PCI-E X16 slots. Although if i'm not mistaken the center slot runs 8X could be wrong though. I dunna no I don't use it yet.

Great overclocking board. Bios settings from wall to wall you'll have alot of fun with this board.

O and about the top case mounted USB's thats a simple as plugging them into the boards secondary USB inputs on the motherboard. Your case should come with a blue usb plug that you plug into the end of the wire from your case. That mates with the USB on board.


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I just got that case and I think I am either going with a P5K Deluxe or an eVGA 680 SLI