What laptop???

Mr B316

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Ive recently been looking for a laptop that is mostly dedicated to gaming but im quite dumbfounded at what is on the market lol. The main things that i am looking for are:-

[*]Good graphics card
[*]good screen quality
[*]atleast 2gb ram
[*]atleast 250gb hd drive
[*]a good processor for handling the newest games/tasks, recently released/ within the alast 2 years
[*]Blu ray, bluetooth, No. of usb ports, etc are not as much of a concern but any input welcome
[*]any input or experience etc would be most welcome
[*]any other input concerning gaming laptops and specs would be most appreciative.

also will probly be looking into playing online so that would be a welcome topic aswel :)


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if your on a budget make sure to check out the referbs at dell. my girlfriend picked up a dual core 2.3 or something like that with a nice card. she got this for about 550 shipped

medium budget id check out the xps systems with a few upgrades. its really easy to do on the dell site. but remember there are more then just dells out there. i hate going to ebay but its there too.

if you know anything about computers try picking up a bare bones kit from tiger direct or newegg

thats my 2 cents

Mr B316

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thanks for the feedback guys, keep it coming :) my budget is no more than a £1000.

happy posting!!! :)