What kinds you have?


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What kinds of computer do you have?

I have AMD 3200 Athlong 64-bit
512mb ram
160gb hard drive

(i plan to do some upgradeing to this if i can find the right help)


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at the moment the only thing that lets down my computer is the harddriev as i couldn't afford that much when i bought the parts for it

3ghz pentium 4 478 socket
11.5 gb hard drive (see i told you it was crap)
128mb geforce fx graphics card
wintv card
21" crt screen (crt is crappy i know but thius screen is worth over £200 for somestrange reason!)
asus p48x-x motherboard i think


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Shame electro cause Hdd's are so cheap now, 160gb costs little more than £40 these days.


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I'm glad some one finally asked...

MSI ms-7008 PT880 VIA chip set motherboard
Intel non HT P4 2.8 1meg L2 cache
512 megs of DDR 400(pc3200) cl2.5
Mad Dog Media MX4000 128meg 8x vid card
C-Media 5.1 surround sound card
Belkin ATA133 pci drive exspansion card
Samsung 16x dual layer dvd/cd combo burner
2 Samsung SpinPoint 80 80 gig hard drives
1 Maxtor Diamond Max 80 gig hard drive
1 allied 400watt psu driving the MOBO and drives
1 Powmax 350 watt psu driving the fans and lighting
2 PC Toys blue led fans drawing in on the left side case 80mm
1 No name High speed fan blowing out on the right side 90mm
Cooler Master Aerogate 2 fan controller and temp sensor display/controls
Cases(yes I said cases) are two identical cases connected together.
Left side case>
Mother board
DVD drive
Allied PSU
2 80mm intake fans in back
Right side case>
All 3 hard drives
Exhaust 90mm fan in back
Powmax PSU(for fans and lighting)
And that's just Foxden. If you want the skinny on BabyGirl or StarGate or Whoopie, just ask. But bring yer lunch cause you gonna be in one spot for a while.


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Family computer:
P4 ht 3.0Ghz, intel D915GAV MOBO,
1 WD 160GB HDD,a cheap 350watt PSU, a DVD burner and ROM drive, and floppy drive, 512 3200 RAM

My computer:
P4 ht 3.0Ghz, Gigabyte 8I915P Duo Pro Intel Socket 775 ATX Motherboard, 1 WD 160GB HDD, Aspire 500watt PSU, MSI 6600gt graphic card, DVD burner, and a bunch of cool case fans, 1gig of corsair value select in dual channel (512x2)


Well, my sig doesn't tell the whole story:

AMD AthlonX2 4800+ OC @ 2.64GHz with Zalman 7000CU ALL COPPER 120mm Cooling (Soon to be phase change)
2GBs (512MB x 4)OCZ VX DDR SDRAM 2-3-2-6 3.3V OC @ 585MHz 2-3-3-6 and 3.4V in 128bit Dual Channel
ABIT FATAL1TY AN8-SLi nForce4 Ultra SLi Motherboard with locking SATAII connectors, dual 16x PCIe BUS lines, OTES Cooling Solutions including OTES SlipStream GPU Cooler, and OTES AirFlow PVM Cooler. HTT @ 2050MTs , FSB @295MHz
Rosewill DVD+-RW Burner Drive
NEC DVDRAM/+-RW Burner Drive
620watt ONEPOWER SKYHAWK Triple12v Rail PSU with Passive Power
Dual 7800GTXs in SLi OC @ 510/1385 (One is RMAed right now though)
ThermalTake Tsunami Dream Silver w/ Side Window Case
Audigy2 ZS Plat Sound Card
Windows XP PRo 32bit with SP2
LCD HDTV 23" Monitor connected through DVI to HDMI cable.
Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 Ultra Speaker System
Logitech MX518 USB Gaming Mouse
Cheap Old DELL keyboard (yep, I am used to it!)
uGuru Panel Installed