What kind, so many to choose from.

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I'm buildin a new computer soon, but I don't know what kind of vid card to get. I don't do that much gaming, maybe a little NWN at times, but not that much. I'm lookin at the ALL-IN-WONDER 8500, because I want all those tiny little features that nobody has ever used. But any other suggestions? And how much ram should I get?
Id say go with a Gforce 4 TI 4200 with TV out from MSI,

512mb ddr from crucial should suffice.
^ 512 is good enough as well

The GF4 Ti 4200's are quite cheap now, but will get even cheaper once the GeForceFX comes along - the Radeon 9500 / 9500 Pro has a slight edge there too, with much more features, but it's still upwards near $200.
hmm, ya, 512MB should suffice

I just got a Radeon 9500 and I love it. I recommend it but for tv in and stuff, 8500 AIW . If you can't afford a 9700 AIW.

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