What kind of router should I get


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Ive been looking at ones especially for gaming (the dlinks) and Ive heard long range they are good but short range they arent the best and their support sucks.

I need something for now itll be 15-20 feet, but when my dad moves the computer upstairs, itll be directly above me 10-12 feet, if you go through the ceiling and wrapped around 40-50 feet, so I dont know which of those numbers matter.

I have a Linksys N and its impossible to get NAT type 2 and I dont think they are very good for gaming. Thanks!


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Being wired really isnt an option unless I want to go upstairs and unplug it each time and not allow my father to be on his computer at the same time.

So that's not really an option. I heard D-Link wasnt very good short range and their support sucks. But Ive had troubles with linksys and heard bad about belkin and netgear.

When we move it upstairs do I use the number how many feet through the ceiling to the router or around the stairs etc?

I need a top of the line, for real. If I could be wired, I would be. But it's not an option really once he moves it upstairs


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why wouldn't you want your dad on the internet at the same time? Ever occure to you that he can be on the net whenever he wants since he's probably the one paying for it?

Either way, Linksys and Dlink are good. Cheap dlinks are better than cheap linksys, but the reverse is true when you get into pricier models.


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Unless I worded it wrong or you didnt read right.
I WANT IT SO HE CAN be on at the same time.

I bought probably the 2nd priciest linksys, and well their support was terrible, slow, and the settings are just damn confusing.
Now I'm confused to what I need.

No one still told me. When he moves it upstairs do I count how much through the ceiling or wrapped around as far as signal?


if you want to have a true router and if you got any old computer with couple nics make yourself a smoothwall router.
IMO, For the average consumer that's not ideal TBH. Heat, Reliability and Power Consumption should all be considered, as well as noise!


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you can get smoothwall routers pre-configured trust me I see them all the time on ebay.

also if your a p2p downloading I would stay way from linksys or netgear because they will crap out on you on higher connection ratio trust me that is why I switch to smoothwall because of my linksys was crapping out on higher connection ratio on p2p software like utorrent.


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IMO, For the average consumer that's not ideal TBH. Heat, Reliability and Power Consumption should all be considered, as well as noise!
Smoothwall (and other linux based routers) and far far far more reliable than some off the shelf from best buy 150$ router. And they can run on embedded devices that have no noise and low power consumption, or alternativly just about any x86 PC. Not at all hard to setup either.