What kind of music do you all listen to?

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I'm into trance music, like Radiohead and Coldplay. Some alt stuff like NIN and the like....no pop bs...nickleback can go smoke a nicklebag...oh and I've recently gotten into punk. DO NOT SAY YOU'RE INTO EVERYTHING! I will come to your house and eat you!:D
I'M INTO EVERYTHING! My address is... J/K hehe.. well i think we've had this thread before, but anyways I mostly listen to metal (Dillinger Escape Plan, Chimaira, Nothingface..) lots of "techno" (Propellerheads, Amon Tobin, Mr Scruff), a bit of mainstream "hard rock" (Deftones, American Head Charge, One Minute Silence), and the rest varies widely from AC/DC to Wagner and everything in between... the only rule: NO COUNTRY!!!
mostly anything except country and jazz. :) and hard core head bangin' rock.
I listen to mostly Rock, but I get into at least a few songs in all genre's.
Ohhhhhhhh, im tellin!!!!!!!!!!!! Your lookin at web-sites from work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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