what just happened to me...

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All Seeing Eye
Can you belive what just happened to me??
One of our tile-walles in one of my house bathrooms just fell!!
it happened in 3 AM.. we all jumped out of bad to the sound of the breaking wall.. it totaly collapsed.. all over the toilet and floor..
damn, weird things are going on here..
hehe, and there were no pre-signs showing the tiles going to fall... damn.. and just think you all in a deep sleep and suddenly you wake to the noise of a wall fallin.. gave me the craps.. all three of us jumped out side of bed to see what happened.. and because there were no pre-signs what could we think? if it were in somewhere else in my country people would have think it is a bomb or and explosive..
damn, walls shouldn't fall just like that... I don't wish it to anyone..
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