What job's do you have?


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I now only have the two. I work in greggs the bakery on the saturday and a shooting club on the sunday. (£4.20 per hour and £6.30 per hour)

I did have 4 at one point and I almost died doing them all in one weekend....

mark thorpe

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i work at an animal sanctuary and im going to get another job so i can save up and buy myself a car.


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im a retired paper boy, getting to old to do much now ;)

lol a plane youll get for no less that 500k, fuel will cost 10k a time, a pilots license will cost 1k+ airfield charges 20k+ hanger charges 5k+

start saving, 30k+ lmao that will only get you an adverage car let alone a plane

my plan is get a field and a gyro


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ahhh well im still looking at the moment for a part time or full time job but my application is in for the Australian Army Reserves which is part time so i can have two jobs for a while and get some money then after 12-18 months ill transfer to fulltime army, good bye friends, good by CF and good by Necro (the goth club i go to)... but its gonna be sooooo worth it!!! then ill quite the army after say 5 years or so (not including reserves) and become a personal bodyguard after doing the course... where ever that is done at. but yeah, the eventual aim is to be a professional personal bodyguard on an international level.
Haha; been looking for a Full Time Job for... three weeks now? I was accepted into a Training Course but it was subsidised for £2,900 on a MCSA, a MCSE and Security+ and lets just say I don't have that kind of money :D Waiting on BT for an answer currently before I go on searching again.

I just need something that will bring me a constant income for an Open-University Diploma in Computing and allow me to save up enough money to go to an American University in 2007.