What Is Your Favorite Audio/Media Player?

I just downloaded and installed the latest version of Potplayer from their website and no longer see the popups!
Well, my link in post #3 was dated in 2019. I looked around to see if there was any possibility that maybe the owner could have changed his program. That would obviously be a very good thing......The "Video Help" forum is the most updated info I can find about Potplayer.

I know that other people's opinions on forms are not very accurate, but it is all I can find that is current to today
Edit: this form Video Help Forum place also provides downloads of older versions of Potplayer from 19-06 and earlier that are ad free
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This interests me.
Never heard of it?
Be warned, tho. It's not perfect like many other simulations/emulations and setting it up could be a real pain. Perfection in smooth videos is having real high frame rate videos like we see in video games. Unfortunately 23-30 FPS is the norm now for digital movies. I miss analog videos sometimes.
Yea I got SVP and was messing with the trail. Although I can definitely notice a difference, it makes almost everything feel like a soap. Plus, the integration broke my original MPC setup.
Exactly my point.
High resolution low movement videos work best with it. Other than that one must live with the artifacts and such.
Now I take two initial system images; one after the initial install with the basics and another after the complements mainly like like SVP setup.
I was watching Star Wars Eps 9 (4k SDR 10bit 80Mb avg) on it and the only time I saw artifacts is when Leia was on the screen. You could see artifacts on her face which I thought was weird.
I use FreeBSD and musicpd in bit-perfect mode and with real-time sound settings. If I then connect my Audio-Technica headphones to the analog connection, I have a purer and more detailed sound than what I have heard in any hi-fi specialist store on the most expensive systems.
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