What is ur Real Name !!

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As we know all we called eachothers by using The NickName
that's why we need to know every one's Real name :D
Well Mine Is : Najim
Nice to meet you then :D
my real name is the same as my username, but please, call me Chopper. :) :) hahahha, I'm just playin' you may call me Ecniv.....ok ok i'm done now, reallly you can call me Ã…nubis...ahahhahahaha damn it's been a long day. shan works the best...

(It's been a lonnnnnnnng day. end of month is always streesfull!!)
Justin "Justoman" Mattys.

Does this mean I'll have a guy out infront of my house in a stained-back van tommorow morning?
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