What is this crazy noise my soundcard is making?

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I recently got a new soundcard, Soundblaster Live! 24bit. When playing farcry with this new card, the audio will suddenly go crazy, producing this mad sound. This occurs everytime I play the game, and happens after a few minutes of playing. I am using 5.1 speakers with hardware mixing and EAX enabled in the farcry options. I have done a fresh install of windows XP, and it still happens.

I have recorded some game audio to catch this crazy noise, u can listen to it hear:

WARNING! The audio clip is quiet at first and then the volume jumps about half way through the clip (when this wierd noise comes) so dont turn up your speakers at first

http://homepage.ntlworld.com/michael.riches3/FarCry 2005-06-10 22-48-42-20 5.1.mp3

(the game sound effects are quiet, but dont turn up your speakers too much as when the mad sound comes its loud)

This noise seems to only come when playing farcry, I play halo PC also and havnt heard this noise.

After the noise has come and gone, the only audio i hear is the sound of bullits hitting objects.

Does anybody know what i can do to stop this noise, or identify if it is a hardware fault.


Yeah that is freaky! Perhaps you should include an audio warning in read for people who aren't tone deaf :mad:... And nice shooting :) ...

...right back to business. Have you tested the audio with hardware mixing and EAX effects disabled in FarCry...?

(Also, there's never a need to format your pc at the first step...it might just be screaming in agony because of a misconfigured setting or glitch).

I tried playing Farcry without "EAX 2.0" enabled and didnt get that nasty noise again. So does this mean that my soundcard isnt compatible with EAX 2.0, as halo has EAX, that works ok. Am I missing out on sound quality with EAX disabled?
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