What is the situation with my unathenticated Windows Server 2008 build 6002 OS?


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I am a reseller, and I am trying to get rid of a rack server that currently has Windows Server 2008 build 6002.

The screen is watermarked with a statement that the copy of Windows isn't Genuine. Am I correct in that this is an evaluation copy, and that this current OS will never be able to be authenticated because it is out of the Beta period?

When attempting to do an online activation, it says that it can't connect to the Key Management Server. Am I right that not only will I not be able to ever connect to the KMS server in question, but that that OS will never be able to become legitimate?

When describing the item, should I say that a new OS will need to be installed from scratch, or is some sort of activation possible?



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If the copy of windows is genuine then I'd activate it over the phone - explain the situation to Microsoft and they're usually pretty good at sorting those sorts of things out.

If it's not genuine however or Microsoft won't sort it over the phone, I'd recommend just wiping the disk and saying that any purchaser will need to install an OS of their own. I'm not 100% sure of the legalities in terms of providing a PC with a dodgy OS, but can't imagine it's something that's going to win you many favours, even if you do state as such in the description.